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KiwiGrub Whittaker's Chocolate Gift Box New Zealand Free Shipping
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Whittaker's Favourites Gift Box
Whittaker's Favourites Gift Box
Whittaker's Favourites Gift Box

Whittaker's Favourites Gift Box

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This Whittaker's chocolate box is packed full with all the most popular Whittaker's chocolate in NZ!

New Zealander's famously have a big sweet tooth and certain chocolatey favourites over the years have cemented themselves into the New Zealand chocolate hall of fame.

All these chocolatey legends are included in this special box of sweetness from downunder.

Whittaker's Chocolate Gift Box New Zealand Free Shipping - KiwiGrub




✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Peanut Chocolate Block 250g
✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Hokey Pokey Minis 180g
✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Buttermilk Caramelised White Chocolate Block 100g
✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Destinations Italian Piedmont Hazelnut Block 100g
✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar 50g
✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Peanut Slab 50g
✔️ 1 x Whittaker's Milk Chocolate Sante Bar 25g
✔️ 3 x Whittaker's Mini L&P Slabs 16g
✔️ 3 x Whittaker's Mini Almond Gold Slabs 16g
✔️ 3 x Whittaker's Mini Tweats Slabs 16g
✔️ 3 x Whittaker's Mini Creamy Milk Slabs 16g
✔️ 2 x Whittaker's K-Bar Fruit Toffee 27g

The free shipping option is with DHL Express (4-8 working days) and is tracked.

We pack each box with care to avoid melting with insulated bubble wrap and a reusable ice pack.

Whittaker's Chocolate Blocks.

Three of the most popular chocolate blocks from Whittaker's are included. Including the classic Peanut Block, Caramelised White Chocolate and Italian Hazelnut Milk Chocolate.

Whittakers gift basket from New Zealand

Whittaker's Bars and Slabs

Three of Whittaker's original and most popular recipes. The luxurious Milk Chocolate Sante, Toffee Milk chocolate bar and Peanut Slab.

Whittakers chocolate gift box NZ

Whittaker's Minis

We have included a mix of the most popular Whittaker's flavours in their popular mini slabs.

Whittakers Gift Shop New Zealand KiwiGrub

Whittaker's Candy

Get a mix of two K-bar candy. 

Whittaker's Gift Store New Zealand KiwiGrub


With chocolate being a time sensitive product in terms of delivery and transit it is important to avoid any delays.

* If possible include your contact number in the order. This is very important as email and phone is provided to DHL or third-party delivery contractors on delivery and can be the fastest way to be notified of any issues or updates.
* Deliver to a work address where possible as to avoid having it redelivered or collection.
* We do not send chocolate to PO Boxes

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lisa Dees
Wonderful Chocolate

The choclates were wonderful. And the customer service is excellant. I highly recommend ordering from this company. Very fast shipping and packed with an ice pack so nothing melts. It got to me in North Carlina, USA within days and everything was in great shape. I cannot rate them highly enough.

Lyn H
Dishonest pricing

When I made this purchase from what appeared to be a New Zealand company specifically advertising free postage to Australia, it was not unreasonable to assume the price quoted ($60) was in either NZ or Aus dollars (currency was not specified). I was therefore gobsmacked to discover my bank account had been debited $81.87, which I realised later equated to US $60. I immediately contacted the company via their website but have never had a response. I have no issues with the quality of Whittaker's chocolates, but I will never purchase them again through KiwiGrub.

Thanks Lyn, our pricing was advertised all over our website in USD dollars in the cart and checkout and throughout the website. Apologies for the misunderstanding and expecting it to be in NZD dollars. We have since updated the website to accept multiple currencies including NZD, AUD, USD and much more.

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