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Up&Go Drink New Zealand
Up&Go Choc Ice 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Strawberry 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Vanilla 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Banana 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Gluten Free Choc Ice 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Gluten Free Vanilla 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Reduced Sugar Choc Ice 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Reduced Sugar Vanilla 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Choc Ice 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Strawberry 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Vanilla 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Banana 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Caramel 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Energize Choc 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Energize Coffee 250ml 6pk
Up&Go Blends Cacao 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Blends Banana 250ml 3pk
Up&Go Choc Ice 1l
Up&Go Strawberry 1l
Up&Go Vanilla 1l
Up&Go Choc Ice 250ml Fridge 12pk
Up&Go Vanilla 250ml Fridge 12pk

Up&Go Drink

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Up&Go Drink NZ

Up & Go Drink NZ

Up & Go breakfast drinks are the perfect drink for school lunches, emergency meals and for people on the go! 

Up & Go liquid breakfast drinks contain the equivalent protein, energy and dietary fibre as a bowl of 2 Weet-Bix and milk in every one of their 250ml serve. With a low GI & good sources of protein & fibre, you'll have a great source of energy to kick-start your day.

We have the entire range including Up & Go originals, energize, gluten free, reduced sugar and blends.

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