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Proper Crisps New Zealand
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Proper Crisps

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Proper Crisps New Zealand

The Natural Proper Crisps

Proper Crisps - using only the finest New Zealand potatoes. Proper crisps specialises in using the Agria Potato. These crisps are cooked in the best high quality oleic sunflower oil using both Canterbury-grown expeller pressed sunflower oil and high quality imported sunflower oil. This smooth operator is high in unsaturated fat, low in saturated fat, and has no trans fat, we don’t accept anything less!

Proper Crisps contain only the finest Marlborough Sea Salt, sourced from the snowy stacks that grace the landscape at Lake Grassmere. Proper Crisps are always 100% Natural. They are Gluten, Dairy, GMO-Free and Vegan Friendly, with no added MSG.

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