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New Zealand Soda
L&P Soda 6 Pack
L&P Soda New Zealand 8 Pk
L&P Soda 18 Pk
L&P Soda 30 Pk
Charlies Honest Fizz Raspberry Soft Drink
Charlies Honest Fizz Lemonade Soft Drink
Charlies Honest Cola 4 pk
Sparkling Duet Lemon Soda
Sparkling Duet Raspberry Soda
Sparkling Duet Orange Lemon Soda

New Zealand Soda

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New Zealand Soda & Soft Drinks

Get a taste of New Zealand's iconic soda drinks that will quench the thirst of any occasion. This includes the famous L&P lemony soda, charlies juices & more.

L&P (Lemon & Paeroa) - A kiwi classic since 1907 with loads of fresh taste. L&P is an iconic kiwi drink with unique lemon taste & also named after the town it was originally made in, Paeroa!

Charlie's - have been extremely successful for actually being full of fruity flavour & making drinks taste like the fruit they came from. Always using real ingredients and never using the juice concentrates, great stuff! 

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