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Hokey Pokey Chocolate Gift Box
Hokey Pokey Chocolate Gift Box
Hokey Pokey Chocolate Gift Box
Hokey Pokey Chocolate Gift Box

Hokey Pokey Chocolate Gift Box

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Hokey pokey is world famous in New Zealand. Invented and patented here in 1896 by William Hatton.

The hollow lightweight candy has since found its way into many desserts in New Zealand, with all the most popular included.

Hokey Pokey Chocolate Gift Basket New Zealand - KiwiGrub

What's in the box?

  • Whittaker's Hokey Pokey Crunch Chocolate Block 250g
  • Donovans Hokey Pokey Clusters 150g
  • Griffins Hokey Pokey Squiggles Bites 150g
  • Waikato Valley Hokey Pokey Balls 200g
  • Donovans Manuka Honeycomb Chocolate 100g
  • Whittaker's Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar 50g
  • 6 x Cadbury Crunchies Minis 

Whittaker's Chocolate

We have included the NEW Whittaker's Hokey Pokey Crunch range.

Whittaker's Hokey Pokey Crunch Blocks 250g


Donovans are another popular New Zealand chocolate brand. They are innovative and their take on the Manuka Honeycomb chocolate is amazing.

Donovans Honeycomb Chocolate New Zealand

Cadbury Crunchies

Cadbury Crunchie Share 12 Pack 180g Free Shipping


One of the most iconic biscuits in New Zealand. Enjoy a full share pack of these yummy kiwi biscuits.

Griffins Squiggles Bites 150g Free Shipping

Hokey Pokey Chocolate Balls

Waikato Valley Hokey Pokey Balls New Zealand

🧊 Protected With Cool Packaging 🧊

We pack each box with care to avoid melting with insulated bubble wrap and ice packs.

⚠️ IMPORTANT Delivery Information 

With chocolate being a time sensitive product in terms of delivery and transit it is important to avoid any delays.

  1. If possible include your contact number in the order. This is very important as email and phone is provided to DHL or thirty party delivery contractors on delivery and can be the fastest way to be notified of any issues or updates.
  2. Deliver to a work address as to avoid having it undelivered or collection required.
  3. We do not send chocolate to PO Boxes



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cheryl Nagel

I was pleased with the fast delivery and the contents of my gift order.
However i was very dissapointed on the extra charges that was on my account.

Hi Cheryl,

Many thanks for the feedback. Apologies for this experience and misunderstanding. As we had our store initially setup in USD anyone purchasing outside the US would be charged a currency conversion fee. However, we have just updated the website to accept most major currencies but please keep in mind this does not ensure you will not be charged currency conversion fees. This will depend on your card provider. So please be sure to check with them first if you would be charged. Important note: our website does not charge any currency conversion fees these charges come direct from your credit card company so please inquire with them. Thanks the KiwiGrub Team.

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