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Griffins Biscuits Twin Packs
Griffins Chocolate Chippies Biscuit Twin Packs
Griffins Shrewsbury Biscuit Twin Packs
Griffins Gingernuts Biscuit Twin Packs
Griffins Krispie Biscuit Twin Packs

Griffins Biscuits Twin Packs

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Griffins Biscuits Twin Packs

The originals in bulk back up! 

Chocolate Chippies - have been a NZ favorite for over 40 years. Crammed with loads of chocolate chips these wonderfully crunchy cookies will be tempting and satisfying the whole family.

Gingernuts - are the ultimate dunker. A sweet ginger biscuit with a hard crunch, many enjoy the dunking ritual associated with Gingernuts. A biscuit that will not break off whilst dunking in your hot coffee.

Shrewsbury - are a yummy shortbread biscuit with a delicious strawberry filling. Almost everyone remembers having Shrewsbury biscuits with a glass of milk after school. It’s the strawberry filling in the middle that makes the Shrewsbury so memorable!

Krispie - A refreshing toasted coconut biscuit, perfectly baked resulting in a crispy textured bite. The highlight is the toasted real coconut bits which are strewn throughout the whole biscuit.

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