Snack Box Subscription from New Zealand

International Snack Box Subscription from NZ

KiwiGrub's snack box subscription is an awesome international snack box packed with gourmet, luxury New Zealand food, candy and chocolate. When you need something fun, flavor packed and unique our snack boxes are the perfect solution to impress your loved ones.

Why? Because NZ is known as a clean green and trusted country with premium high quality snacks that are not easy to come by in other countries.

Here's Our First 4 Monthly Snack Boxes:

Snack Box Subscription NZ
Snack Box Subscription Service NZ
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Snack Subscription Box NZ
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Americans Try New Zealand Candy! ft D-TRIX


NZ International Food Subscription Box

Food is the corner stone of culture.When most people are asked what they miss the most when they leave their homeland, quite often food is at the top of the list. This stands true for expats and visitors alike.

Our boxes allow you to get a taste of Kiwi culture each and every month delivered directly to your door anywhere in the world with free shipping.  

Monthly Snack Boxes from NZ - A Perfect Unique Gift!

We all search for uniqueness to stand out from the crowd. There are many snacks boxes available, it is more important than ever to stand out and be unique.

There are many boxes from the likes of Asia and Japan, you will know that the snacks they provide are locally available in many Asian supermarkets with the expanding love of Asian cuisine.

This is yet to occur for our premium New Zealand snacks as they are hard to access in international markets or cost an arm and a leg.  

One of The Best Snack Box Subscriptions Available!

New Zealand is well known for being pure, clean, green and a trusted country. This is something kiwi's hold dearly and are proud of.

Our snack boxes are packed to the brim with sneaky treats as well as some healthy pure snacks all made with love from down-under.

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