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Gourmet Snack Box from New Zealand

Snack Box New Zealand

A gourmet snack box direct from New Zealand to your door anywhere in the world with free shipping worldwide. Welcome to KiwiGrub Box.

Are you looking for quality snacks from around the world? 

We have the perfect solution. Our New Zealand food and snack boxes are packed to the brim with all the iconic and classic New Zealand snacks. Every month we change them allowing to you to experience a variety of snacks from all over the country.

Each box comes with a booklet not only explaining the snacks but the history behind the brands in each box. We also include information on the country as a whole with interesting reads about culture, travel tips and much more.

Snacks you can only find in New Zealand! Jolly

Why a snack box from New Zealand? 

New Zealand is well known as a clean, green and trusted country with high standards and quality foods. New Zealand snacks are difficult to access internationally and often cost a fortune when found.

What better way to impress or surprise friends and family with something quality and unique from the other side of the world. 

How do our Snack Box Subscriptions work?

We have two options, monthly subscription snack boxes or just one off purchases.

Snack Box Subscriptions

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For the subscriptions it's just like a phone plan. You sign up to a subscription for either 1,3,6 or 12 months. The more you get the more you save. The subscription will auto renew for the same time frame initially purchased.

Example One - 1 Month Subscription: If you purchase 1 month subscription on the 1st of January. You will then be automatically charged again for a second box on the 1st of February. You can cancel anytime so long as you let us know a week before your subscription is set to renew.

Snack Box Subscription NZ

Snack Box Gifts or One-off Purchases

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Our gift boxes are just one-off purchases. You can purchase either 1,3,6 or 12 months.Gift boxes do not auto-renew.

These boxes are a perfect unique surprise for sending to friends, family or international customers. What's even better is when you pay in advance for 3,6, or 12 months allowing your friends and family to continuously be surprised with a delicious gourmet gift box delivered to their door every month. The gift idea that keeps giving. 

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