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6 Months Premium
Diana Fox
Very happy kiwi!

Think I’ve been getting the box for nearly a year now. Highly recommend it!
Love the excitement of seeing this box on my doorstep after a hard day at work . The packaging is well thought out so chocolate doesn’t melt in the heat, chippies don’t break, and drinks don’t roll around!!
The treats inside are always delicious and there’s a wide variety. It’s always fun taking a packet of kiwi bikkies to an American book club or girls lunch!!

Great Service

I ordered later than I should have and they still got my package to where it needed to be and on time!

1 Month Premium
Anya Temple

You guys are awesome and so thoughtful!! This box brings back memories from my childhood and I love it so much.

Thank you!!!!

Purchase a snack box and Whittaker’s chocolate pack, as amazingly good as we remember from our 2018 trip to NZ. The L&P was the cherry on top! Cheers!!

3 Months Classic
Nicole in Canada
Delicious, fast shipping, but.. Pricey.

We have LOVED getting kiwi treats in the mail. The shipping was surprisingly fast to Canada. It is more expensive than other subscription boxes, and having to pay duty on the odd box (extra $20!) made it not affordable for us anymore. We had it for 3 months and had repeat items, too (but everything was delicious!) Customer service was amazing, too. The company is great, the snacks were great, but the price and variety was what made us stop for now.

1 Month Premium
Florance Turkey
I will order again 😊

So happy with everything. Accidentally put in my name instead of the recipients name & it was all sorted very quickly! Bonus, it got to its destination nearly a whole week earlier than expected.

All Blacks Onesies

Thank you!!! The onesies are brilliant!!!
Also, thank you so much for the personalised note and the milkshakes!

CUSTOM Mega Mixed NZ Snack Box (33pcs)

Thank you....

Your gift was a huge hit... and thank you for the efficient handling of my order. Kind regards, Fred

Gj guys

You guys did a amazing job. The missus loved all the goodies that were delivered and I will be ordering again next month

Ultimate Kiwiana Gift Basket (50pcs)

Mega Mixed NZ Snack Box
Renata Valente
A taste of home

My good friend recently had a baby and she’s from new Zealand , living inThe US. She’s not been home in 3 years and misses her family terribly especially during this time. I knew she was feeling very down and lonely with the new baby and missing her home. So I thought how can I bring her home ? This box was the absolute best idea. Her husband told me she haven’t smiled in weeks and when she got the box she was so overwhelmed with joy and comfort she smiled, cried and ate her burger rings. I will absolutely Order again for special occasions for her . Thank you for this gift idea and opportunity for her 💜

K Bars

Delivery was fast and the goods delicious.

Order didn’t progress

I was excited to send a grub box to my friend overseas but I got an email stating my money was refunded with no explanation.

Hi Nivaga, apologies there was supposed to be an explanation accompanying the refund notification that we do not ship to the UAE. We had an error in our system that was accepting these orders but have resolved it now.

3 Months Classic
Matthew Moss

3 Months Classic

Arrived earlier than expected

The package arrived early than expected. Although I should have been smarter about ordering chocolate in the summer 😂🤣

Great Snacks

It is so easy and convenient to order here. Excellent customer service and super fast shipping. I keep coming back.

Wonderful Chocolate

The choclates were wonderful. And the customer service is excellant. I highly recommend ordering from this company. Very fast shipping and packed with an ice pack so nothing melts. It got to me in North Carlina, USA within days and everything was in great shape. I cannot rate them highly enough.

CUSTOM MEGA Mixed NZ Snack Box (33pcs)

Perfect service and box!

I am so excited to give my dad the Kiwiana Custom Box for his birthday on the 14th of August. He’s a Kiwi, and we haven’t been back home in NZ since 2010, so hopefully he’ll be stoked.
Shipping, service and everything else was absolutely brilliant 😃
Many thanks all the way from Denmark

Speedy taste of Home

As we can't be with my son for his 30th we thought we would send him a taste of home. My other son and his wife and I combined 2 hampers for a super large special occasion present. Ordered it 6 weeks before his birthday expecting multiple delay points due to impact of Covid- it arrived in the USA 2 weeks later!
We will definitely be using this service again!

Dishonest pricing

When I made this purchase from what appeared to be a New Zealand company specifically advertising free postage to Australia, it was not unreasonable to assume the price quoted ($60) was in either NZ or Aus dollars (currency was not specified). I was therefore gobsmacked to discover my bank account had been debited $81.87, which I realised later equated to US $60. I immediately contacted the company via their website but have never had a response. I have no issues with the quality of Whittaker's chocolates, but I will never purchase them again through KiwiGrub.

Thanks Lyn, our pricing was advertised all over our website in USD dollars in the cart and checkout and throughout the website. Apologies for the misunderstanding and expecting it to be in NZD dollars. We have since updated the website to accept multiple currencies including NZD, AUD, USD and much more.

Bluebird Potato Chips
Shingo Kojima

Bluebird Potato Chips

A great gift

We have some friends from NZ and wanted to send them a thank you gift for all their help recently. We found Kiwi Hub and the gift box was as perfect for our friends. They have enjoyed it a ton!

I was pleased with the fast delivery and the contents of my gift order.
However i was very dissapointed on the extra charges that was on my account.

Hi Cheryl,

Many thanks for the feedback. Apologies for this experience and misunderstanding. As we had our store initially setup in USD anyone purchasing outside the US would be charged a currency conversion fee. However, we have just updated the website to accept most major currencies but please keep in mind this does not ensure you will not be charged currency conversion fees. This will depend on your card provider. So please be sure to check with them first if you would be charged. Important note: our website does not charge any currency conversion fees these charges come direct from your credit card company so please inquire with them. Thanks the KiwiGrub Team.