Top 3 Nigella Lawson Pavlova Recipes

Nigella Lawson Pavlova Recipes


Nigella Lawson Pavlova Recipes - When we were scouring the internet for the best Pavlova recipes we discovered many of the top recipes on YouTube were made by Nigella Lawson. Realising how amazing they were and the fact she had a good variety of Pavlova cake flavors we decided we needed to dedicate an entire page to Nigella. These recipes included Nigella's Lemon Pavlova, Passion Fruit packed Pav and the decadent Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova. You can find all the video recipes below.

(Image credit: @nigellalawson / Instagram)


#1. Luscious Lemon Pavlova Recipe - Simply Nigella

Perfect recipe for those who enjoy a tarty sour taste on top of the famous pavlova cake.

#2. Nigella Lawson's Passion Fruit Pavlova Recipe

A tangy topping take of the classic meringue cake. Passion fruit topping is often found on the delicious Australian version of this timeless crunchy cake.

#3. Nigella's Chocolate & Raspberry Pavlova Recipe

When you need a break from the traditional cake or want to indulge. Chocolate and raspberries make a perfect decadent balance of sweet and sour.


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