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About Us

We at KiwiGrub love to share and spread New Zealand snacks, candy and soda all around the world!

Each month our team puts together a unique box packed with delicious and unique products from all around New Zealand.

We go out and find all the hidden treasures and small businesses that New Zealand has to offer. Allowing you to get a variety of products and tastes from the different regions and locations throughout New Zealand.

Each box comes with a booklet explaining the products and history contained behind each box.

Our team carefully selects different products from the various regions to make sure that those who receive our KiwiGrub snack box feel happier, excited and unique getting a variety of products to share with their loved ones!

Every box will come packed with surprises and every month new brands and products will be showcased to ensure its always new and exciting. We want every bite and box to express the quality and love that Kiwi’s put into their products.

Every snack you try will broaden your knowledge with Kiwi food culture, so get prepared to discover a variety of Kiwi snacks from throughout New Zealand.