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Collection: New Zealand Chips

Buy New Zealand Chips Online

New Zealand Chips

We have all the best New Zealand chips available. Including famous dipping condiments like the delicious and iconic onion soup dip mix.

Kiwis are blessed with awesome great social summers and we have fallen in love with our potato chips. They are the perfect companion to the beach, family BBQ or camping trip. Salt & Vinegar are famously popular in New Zealand and we have some unique flavours only found here.

Browse our range of all the best New Zealand chip brands available.


👩‍🍳 Recipe: View The Original Kiwi Dip Recipe here


6 products
  • Bluebird Potato Chips

    $2.60 - $4.50

  • Proper Crisps NZ


  • ETA Potato Chips

    $2.60 - $4.60

  • Maggi Soups & Dips

    $1.55 - $2.02

  • Heartland Potato Chips

    $2.75 - $3.70

  • Nestle Reduced Cream 250ml