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Collection: Cookie Time Cookies New Zealand

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Cookie Time Cookies New Zealand

Cookie Time Cookies are New Zealand's most popular cookies.

They are an iconic brand and becoming world-famous with cookie shops in Tokyo.

In the beginning, Cookie Time was developed with some good old kiwi ingenuity using a customised bread slicer to cut chocolate, ice cream scoop for the dough, and paint scrapers to get the cookies off the tray.

In 1996 Cookie Time NZ was officially put on the international map when they baked the World's Biggest Cookie. It covered an area of 487 m2 (or 5,243.6 sq ft)

They are constantly creating awesome and new creations especially at their dessert shops with their amazing cookie shakes.

Cookie Time Tips For The Best Cookie

🔥🍪 Put your cookie in the microwave for 10-20 seconds to make it uber gooey and chocolatey. For an incredible dessert, you can always lump a scoop of ice cream on top of your favorite heated cookie time cookie.

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