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🗿🍋🥤 L&P World Famous in New Zealand! Weird or Cool?! Giant Soda Bottle. Lemon and Paeroa

Funny L&P TV AD Reminding us of the Good Times at the School Pool

What is L&P Soda?

Lemon and Paeroa, also known as L&P has been World Famous in New Zealand since ages ago!

Some say its weird celebrating the creation of a Soda with a giant statue!

But us Kiwi's a.k.a New Zealander's think its refreshingly cool!

We are famously passionate about the Lemony goodness created from Downunder!

Created in 1907, L&P is manufactured in New Zealand but it was traditionally made by combining lemon juice with carbonated water from the town of Paeroa.

L&P Bottle New Zealand KiwiGrub

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 Funny L&P TV Commercial NZ "It Aint Famous"


Hilarious L&P Stubbies TV Advert NZ


You Can Visit the Statue Here



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