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33 Best Things To Do In New Zealand (FREE)

Top 33 Things To Do In New Zealand For Free

33 Awesome Things To Do In New Zealand For Free

New Zealand is full of fun and exciting adrenalin sports. 

We are world renown as adrenaline junkies and many fun activities you enjoy around the world were invented right here Downunder with good old kiwi ingenuity. 

Adventure sports like the Bungy, zorbing, fly by wire, and jet boating were all created right here in New Zealand.

Here is our list of the 33 most awesome things to do in New Zealand for FREE!

We have split the list into two sections the North and South Island.

North Island of New Zealand

1. Rere Waterslide - Rotorua

    The Rere Rockslide in Rotorua is a 200-foot natural rock slide made slick and slippery by its moss-covered rocks.

    This awesome slide is better than any slip'nslide you've ever belly-flopped!

    How to get there

    You can find this amazing waterfall slide about 50 km north-west from Gisborne at Wharekopae river.

    Take the Wharekopae Road from Gisborne. You will first pass the Rere Falls carpark on your left side.

    Follow the track for a further 2kms to the Rockslide from there. 

    📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

     2. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is located in New Zealand's oldest National Park.

      Tongariro National Park is a tramping track in New Zealand, and is among the most popular day hikes in the country.

      The Tongariro National Park is a World Heritage site which has the distinction of dual status, as it has been acknowledged for both its natural and cultural significance.

      How to get to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing?

      The Tongariro track is a 19.4km hike that takes between 7 - 8 hours. It begins at Mangatepōpō Road and finishes at the Ketetahi Road. The easiest way to get to the start of the track is to take a shuttle bus. You can arrange this at the Taupō i-SITE or Turangi i-SITE.

      📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

      3. Kuirau Park Mud Pools - Rotorua

      A free big open geothermal park in the middle of Rotorua.

      See bubbling mud pools and walk across the huge steamy lakes.

      There are free thermal pools and thermal foot baths on offer.

      Even a BBQ if you want to cook a kiwi feast.

      How to get there

      The park is located in the central city of Rotorua.

      📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

      4. Goat Island Marine Reserve

        Swim with Huge Snapper and Stingrays

        Goat Island is a small island located in New Zealand's first marine reserve north of Auckland. It is a surreal spot full of marine wildlife.

        You can explore rock outcrops off the shoreline teeming with many varieties of fish that you can watch from above.

        Swimming at the beach has allowed letting visitors to get up close with a big range of sea life including giant snappers, stingrays, and much more.

        Make sure you take goggles or a snorkel to truly appreciate the views underwater.

        Why is it called Goat Island?

        Quite literally because it is inhabited by goats. How did they get there? It is actually rather fascinating.

        Early European seafarers released goats on the island as food reserves encase anyone got marooned in the area.

        How do you get to Goat Island?

        If you are coming from Auckland follow State Highway 1 to Warkworth for about an hour. On the way, you will see big brown signs for Goat Island guiding you to this magical little location. If you are coming from Warkworth it is about 25km north.

        📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

        5. Hahei's Hot Water Beach - Coromandel

          Sit back and relax in your own ocean-side thermal hot pool.

          At low tide, you can dig out your own little steamy spa and sit back and enjoy the ocean views.

          It's well worth it, as you start digging you will quickly see the steamy hot water start pooling through the sand in one of the most serene spots available in the country.

          Hot Water Beach Waikato New Zealand

          Image of a hot pool dug out oceanside.

          How to get there

          You will find Hot Water Beach on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in the North Island of New Zealand.

          It's approximately 2 h 38 mins (175 kms) drive from Auckland by car.

          Make sure you plan to go at low tide. The tide chart links are below.

          🌊 View the Hot Water Beach tide charts here

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          6. Te Paki Giant Sand Dunes - Cape Reinga

          Giant golden dunes rise from the grass.

          The Te Paki sand dunes are a 10km long by 1km wide coastal strip of 150m high golden Sahara like sand dunes.

          The walkout to the dunes is very beautiful. You feel like you entering Mars as the golden sand stretches out in front of you. 

          For the adrenalin junkies, you can hire boards at the dunes and sand surf down these golden behemoths. We recommend using the ones for hire as they are specifically designed for sand dune riding.

          It is also advised not to go first thing in the morning as the sand can still be damp making not ideal for riding.

          How to get there

          Located at the very top of the North Island. At Te Paki (Cape Reinga) driving north on Cape Reinga Rd (State Highway 1) you then turn left onto Te Paki Steam Rd and follow it to the end carpark.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          7. Mangatutu Hot Springs - near Napier (Kaweka Forest Park)

          There are two small 3m x 3m pools set amongst the beautiful native New Zealand forest.

          Nestled into the hillside they overlook the Mohaka River.

          There is also a popular camping ground above the pools and popular walking tracks nearby.

          How to get there

          If your heading from Napier follow Puketitiri Road for about 71 km (1 hour 35mins).

          The drive includes about an hour's drive on unsealed gravel roads as well as a river ford on Makahu Rd.

          Be careful driving through the ford as heavy rain and snowmelt can affect the water level quite alot.

          The road there is narrow and may be slippery when wet and cold.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


          8. Kiwi Spotting in Trounson Kauri Park

          Kiwi Bird Spotting New Zealand

          The Southern Brown Kiwi photographed in the native bush. (New Zealand Department of Conservation)

          The opportunity to see a kiwi in the wild is still very rare even in New Zealand.

          If you are lucky you can spot a wild kiwi on the walks in Kauri park.

          The walk is easy to navigate and surrounded by beautiful giant ancient Kauri trees and native bush.

          It takes around 20 minutes to complete.

          How to get there

          The Trounson Kauri Park is located in western Northland on the North Island of New Zealand. About 40 km north of Dargaville.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          9. Karangahake Historical Walk - Coromandel

          Karangahake Historical Walk New Zealand

          Photo credits: Crystal Egan 

          The historic walk at the Karangahake Gorge is a fun adventure to explore the countryside and the old gold mining tramway.

          There is a 1km rail tunnel and two steel truss bridges to admire on the walk.

          The track mirrors the bends of the Ohinemuri River with lots of historic mining relics along the way.

          It finishes at Waikino station where there are train rides and a cafe to enjoy at the end of the walk.

          There is a shorter loop walk that still includes the railway tunnel and two bridges.

          How to get there

          Park up by the Karangahake Hall, or in the Karangahake Domain Car Park on SH2 between Paeroa and Waihi, at the base of the Coromandel Range. Karangahake is about 130 km (1 hour 35 minutes) drive from Auckland, or 60 km (1 hour 4 minutes) from Hamilton.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


          10. Te Papa Museum - Wellington

          Te Papa Muesum New Zealand

          Crowds on Te Papa’s opening day (Michael Hall, Te Papa)

          The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is New Zealand's national museum, located in Wellington.

          Known as Te Papa, or 'Our Place', it opened in 1998 after the merging of the National Museum and the National Art Gallery. More than 1.5 million people visit every year.

          How to get there

          It's about a 20-minute walk from the railway station. There are many different buses through the central city that go close by.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


          11. Raglan Surf


          Raglan Surf Beach New Zealand

          Raglan is undoubtedly the most famous surf spot in New Zealand.

          In the 1960s Raglan was unheard of as a top surf spot. We literally had no idea Raglan was one of the world's most premier left-hand point breaks.

          It was a bit of a ghost town back then, with a pub and only a few cars driving around.

          When outsiders came into town with long surfboards strapped to the roof of their cars, the locals finally decided to follow these wave nomads.

          Upon the discovery, New Zealand quickly realised we had an incredible surf spot right on our back yard.

          The mid-sixties saw a meteor rise in popularity with multiple international documentaries featuring and filming the incredible spot.

          In 1966 Raglan was featured in the hit documentary The Endless Summer.

          Raglan featured in the famous 1966 The Endless Summer Documentary.

          Once news spread among the international surfing community people en masse starting flocking to our shores from as far wide as Hawaii and California to try this newly discovered ride downunder.

          Raglan was then again featured in the cult documentary "Children of the Sun" in 1968. Where a group of young surfers went on a road trip around both New Zealand and Australia riding and discovering all the best surf spots on offer. 

          New Zealand's longest point break.

          To this day it is regarded as one of the best surf spots New Zealand has to offer and a must-do when here if you enjoy cruising the waves.

          How to get there

          Driving to Raglan from Auckland

          The driving time is 2hrs+ depending on Auckland traffic. Take SH 23. 

          From Hamilton

          If you are busing you can catch Route 23 from the main Hamilton Bus Terminal.

          If you are driving take State Highway 23 for 34 minutes depending on traffic.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          12. Cape Reinga Lighthouse

          Cape Reinga Light House New Zealand

          Get panoramic views of the New Zealand Northern coastline.

          You can watch offshore the power and currents of two big oceans colliding and merging. The Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet in a head-on crash in this region on the North coast.

          At times the immense power of the tides crashing together result in explosions of spray and spume.

          How to get there

          Cape Reinga is located in the northernmost area of New Zealand, approximately 111 km north of Kaitaia.

          Follow State Highway 1 north to Waitiki Landing, continuing another 20 km to Cape Reinga/Te Rerenga Wairua.

          Cape Reinga Road gets very busy over the summer months. Drive slowly and take extra caution.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          13. Redwoods, Whakarewarewa Forest

          The Redwoods Forest is a gorgeous site of huge redwoods on the outskirts of Rotorua.

          The forest is situated adjacent to the Whakarewarewa thermal area.

          View the forest through narrow suspension bridges hanging throughout the forest.

          There is roughly 6 hectares of Californian Redwoods in the park which are a part of the larger Whakarewarewa State Forest.

          How to get there

          Just 5 minutes drive from downtown Rotorua.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          14. Kerosene Creek - Rotorua

          Sit back and relax in the naturally heated waters of Kerosene Creek, Rotorua, where a hot spring and freshwater stream meet.

          Thirty-five minutes drive south of Rotorua you will find Kerosene Creek, a geothermally heated stream nestled in the natural bush where you can bathe and relax.

          The thermal waters come up from the ground meeting the cool creek waters creating a pleasantly warm area to have a natural spa. Visitors have piled small rocks creating little outdoor hot pools beside the gorgeous 2m waterfall. 

          The creek runs through the native bush and provides a unique experience both popular with locals and visitors alike. 

          Best of all its completely free! Just be sure to be courteous to other bathers and be a tidy kiwi and take your rubbish away with you.

          How to get there

          From Rotorua follow State Highway 5 south for 26 minutes.

          After you pass the turnoff to Murupara on your left and Lake Ngahewa on your right, turn left on to Old Waiotapu Rd.

          Follow the Old Waiotapu gravel road for 2.2 km (about 3 minutes) until you see a grass verge on the right, where you can park your vehicle. From there walk down the short track to the creek.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          15. Hamilton Gardens - Hamilton

          The Hamilton Gardens are a must-see when in the North Island. The gardens are the most visited tourist attraction in Hamilton.

          They are public gardens located in the south of Hamilton managed and owned by the Hamilton City Council. The 54-hectare park isn't like the conventional botanic gardens. It is based on the banks of the Waikato river and includes various enclosed gardens from all around the world.

          There are 6 paradise gardens based on various regions including India, Japan, America, England, China, and Italy. The story of each region is shown through the unique gardens developed for each. It's not only the gardens but the buildings as well that are gorgeous and complement each garden.

          Hamilton Gardens is also home to New Zealand's first traditional Maori garden, Te Parapara. The garden demonstrates traditional practices, ceremonies, and materials used by the Maori in both food production and storage.

          How to get there

          From Hamilton central follow State Highway 1 for 9 minutes.

          From Auckland follow State Highway 1 for 1 hour 30 minutes.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          16. Waipu Caves Glowworms

          Waipu Glow Worm Cave New Zealand

          The Waipu caves open up into big cavernous areas with ceilings covered in illuminating and dazzling glow worms.  

          The caves are packed with glow worms and can be seen all day round.

          It's recommended to wear gumboots or sandals as it gets up to shin and waist-deep in water in some places. 

          If you have a head torch it would make it easier to navigate through as it gets dark in places and you want your hands free where possible as it can be slippery.

          Waipu Caves New Zealand

          Freedom camping is also allowed here.

          How to get there

          From Auckland follow State Highway 1 for 1 h 52 mins.

          From Whangarei follow State Highway 1 for about 19 minutes then turn right into Springfield Rd for a further 16 minutes.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          17. Abbey Caves - Whangarei

          Abbey Caves Glowworms New Zealand

          The Abbey Caves Reserve is a magical underground wonderland. There are naturally sculptured limestone outcrops, bluffs, enclosed depressions, sinkholes, and three significant caves; Organ, Middle, and Ivy. 

          There are glow worms littering the ceiling like little Christmas lights in at least 2 of the caves.

          Surrounding the caves there are two distinct areas of native bush with well-established hardwood forests and native puriri trees.

          In 1859 Nathaniel and Amelia Clotworthy emigrated to New Zealand from Ireland and settled on 409 acres. The house they built resembled an Irish abbey hence the name of the Caves. 

          Sadly in 1920 the house was destroyed in a fire only leaving the Chimney standing today.

          How to get there

          The reserve is situated on Abbey Caves Road on the outskirts of Whangarei. 

          Take Mill Road north out of the city and turn right along Whareora Road.

          After 3 km, turn right onto Abbey Caves Road and follow it for about 800 metres. 

          There is a sign for the site on the left hand side of the road and a lay-by and roadside parking area.  

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          18. Ruakuri Bush Walk

          Ruakuri Bush Walk New Zealand

          The Ruakuri bushwalk is a must-see when in the Waitomo area.

          It gives you a rugged and wonderful experience of native New Zealand. Its a loop track that takes you through naturally carved cliffs, a forested gorge, and through low hanging limestone arches.

          The walk parallels the stream then winds uphill around a series of limestone bluffs and outcrops. You then can descend further to the Ruakuri Natural Bridge viewing platform.

          The viewing platform is very dark so be careful when walking down the steps. The platform stretches out over a large cavernous tunnel where you can view large stalactites and stalagmites and a creek running below.

          If you want to see Glowworms you need to go at night. They are found illuminating the banks of the track at night and it is said the best place to see them is either side of the main bridge.

          How to get there

          You will find the track about 4 km from the Waitomo Village.

          Head west from Waitomo Village and turn left at the roundabout into Tumutumu Road. Follow that road for about 2 km and turn right at the signposted access to Ruakuri car park.

          Alternatively, walk from the Waitomo Village to the Ruakuri bushwalk on the Waitomo Walkway for about 26 minutes one way.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          19. Kawhia Springs (Te Puia Springs) - Near Waitomo

          One of the Waikato's, and indeed New Zealand's, best-kept secrets is Kawhia Hot Water Beach.

          Beware of the very hot black sand dunes to the beach. Bring shoes. Beautiful beach. Much quieter than hot water beach in the Coromandel.

          After a dip in the ocean, enjoy the unusual, a warm bath. Bring your shovel to dig with. Although it is difficult to dig a pool more than about 20 cm deep, the water is pleasantly hot. Temperature varies upon location. The smell of Sulfur is present, but not overpowering. At the car park, sits an old changing room. A toilet is available, but tap water is not. 

          Check websites for tide charts. You have a little over two hours on either side of low tide to dig a pool.

          Tip: Plan to go when the tide is going out and look for discoloration near the tidewater as the tide is going out. The discolorations are caused by the thermal water coming from below.

          🌊 View the Kawhia tide charts here

          How to get there

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          20. Kakahi Glow WormsKakahi Glow Worms New Zealand

          Beautiful glow-worm walls.

          This is another NZ best-kept secret. There are no caves, water, or tunnels to see these glowworms just a little walking.

          And the best thing is it's free!

          There was supposed to be a railway line constructed over the Whakapapa River but it never went ahead.

          They began construction and the cutting to the river was made leaving us the now amazing 100m long glowworm grotto.

          You can drive your car through the river however it is preferred if you walk to the glowworms as the fumes are not good for the glowworms.

          How to get there

          Kakahi is found about 10 kms (22 mins drive) along State Highway 4 from Taumarunui. 

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


          South Island of New Zealand

          21. Christchurch World Buskers Festival

          Christchurch World Buskers Festival New Zealand

          The Red Trouser Show Photo Credits: Frank Redward.

          The Worlds Busker Festival in Christchurch City has been running for 25 years.

          It has become apart of the Citys culture and DNA. 

          The 2020 festival was again a huge success and confirmed a further 2-year contract to keep the festival running in Christchurch.

          Each year in mid-January dozens of artists from around the world travel to Christchurch to perform for the general public.

          Street performers can be found during this time in all the most iconic spots throughout the City including the Arts Centre, Botanical Gardens, and the Cathedral Square.

          The performances go all day from 11 am to 7 pm with artists from the USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, and New Zealand.

          There is some more adult-friendly entertainment later in the evening with the Fire show in the Cathedral square and comedy shows at the Christchurch Casino, Arts Centre, Loaded Hog and Comedy Club.

          How to get there

          The festival is based throughout Christchurch City. The artists perform in multiple locations so it easiest to refer to the Bread&Circus website for more information on upcoming festivals.

          Click for more info - Work Buskers Festival 2021

          22. Queenstown Winter Festival

          Queeenstown Winter Festival Opening NZ

          The Queenstown Winter Festival was rated in the Top 10 ‘must-do’ festivals of the world by Yahoo Traveller in 2010.

          The Real Journeys Queenstown Winter Festival has marked the beginning of the New Zealand winter season since 1975. 

          It's completely free for all with over 60 events spread out over 4 days throughout the city.

          The festival takes place in mid-June each year.

          Birdman Competition Queenstown Winter Festival NZ

          Birdman Competition Queenstown Winter Festival 2016.

          The Winter Festival is strategically timed to start approximately 2 weeks after the scheduled ski season and just prior to both the New Zealand and Australian school holidays.

          Allowing you to enjoy the event just before the busy season starts.

          Some event highlights include the Birdman competition, fireworks, live events, incredible food, and much more.


          How to get there

          You find most of the events downtown on the shore of Lake Wakatipu.

          It is within walking distance from the City centre.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

          23. Star Gaze at Lake Tekapo

          Milky Way by the Church of the Good Shepherd

          Lake Tekapo is located in the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve in the South Island of New Zealand.

          There are only 11 such locations in the world with this the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. There is no-fly zone overhead and light pollution is extremely minimal.

          It's a very popular destination for photographers and tourists to snap a picture of the Church of Good Sheppard and the incredibly clear milky way galaxy over New Zealand.

          When the sun falls the Tekapo skies illuminate with sprinkling brightness and the odd shooting star can be spotted darting across the sky.

          How to get there

          Lake Tekapo is about 3 hours' drive south-west of Christchurch in the Mackenzie Basin.

          It is a small town located in the inland of the South Island of New Zealand.

          📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


          24. Baby Seals - Ohau, Kaikoura

            This was one of the most beautiful and sweet experiences on the list.

            EARTHQUAKE UPDATE 2020: Sadly, the walk is currently shut until further notice due to earthquake damage it suffered in the 2019 earthquakes. 

            During the breeding season, young seal pups make their way up the river to the sanctuary of the waterfall. They love to play and frolic with each other away from their parents.

            Sadly it still exists and the baby seals are still using it but due to rockfall from recent earthquakes blocking the walkway authorities have closed it until further notice.

            How to get there

            It's an easy 20 min return walk along the river.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            25. Ohau Point Seal Colony - Kaikoura

            Ohau Point Seal Colony - Kaikoura

            Watch NZ Fur Seals play - up close right next to State Highway 1.

            The Ohau Point Seal Colony might be New Zealand's most accessible Seal Watching experience. And it's free!

            There is a large car park overlooking the seal colony, and there are hundreds of seals to view.

            If you get the timing right around June you can view many pups playing in the pools and shallows awaiting their mothers for feeding.

            How to get there

            7 mins drive from Kaikoura city centre via the Esplanade and Fyffe Quay.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            26. Welcome Flat Hot pools – (20km South of Fox Glacier )


            The Copland Track is a popular trek that provides a glimpse of Westland’s spectacular forest, river and mountain scenery, with natural geothermal hot pools at Welcome Flat as an added attraction.

            It is 7 hours one way so be sure to take this into consideration if your planning for your free geothermal dip.

            How to get there

            Access is off SH 6, 26 km south of Fox Glacier. The turn-off to the car park is well signposted on the northern side of the Karangarua River bridge. Drive approximately 150 m down the gravel road to the car park.

            Buses pass the road end each morning and afternoon and will drop off and pick up pre-booked passengers.

            Welcome Flat Hut

            Welcome Flat Hut New Zealand

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            27. Glacier Lookouts - Robert's Point Track

            Fox Glacier Roberts Point Track NZ

            Robert's Point track is a very popular hike with very rewarding views at the end of the glacier.

            There are heaps of suspension bridges and cliffside staircases making it a fun and challenging hike.

            Note: The hike is not easy and it is not recommended to take children along. Also, be careful not to go when raining or shortly after it has rained to avoid slippery surfaces.

            Some parts of the track are rough, steep and uneven please be careful when going here. 

            How to get there

            You can access the Roberts Point Track via the Douglas Walk from the Franz Josef Glacier car park.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            28. Christchurch Botanical Gardens

            Christchurch Botanical Gardens

            This expansive 21-hectare park started way back in 1863 with the planting of an English Oak Tree.

            Over 10 uniquely different gardens have been established with the Avon River cutting through the park offering an array of different wildlife and scenes.

            How to get there

            This massive park is located in the central city of Christchurch.

            It is accessible from the following 5 avenues:

            Deans ave, Riccarton Ave, Harper Ave, Rolleston Ave, and Moorhouse Ave.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            29. Air Force Museum of New Zealand - Christchurch

            Air force Museum Christchurch

            The Air Force Museum of New Zealand is located in a historic RNZAF location.

            The museum was established on the old RNZAF Wigram Base in 1976.

            How to get there

            You can find The Air Force Museum of New Zealand, formerly called The Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum, in Wigram Christchurch.

            This was the site of the RNZAF's first operational base, in Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            30. Margaret Mahy Family Playground - Christchurch

            Located in the central city of Christchurch on the banks of the Christchurch Avon River this playground is believed to be the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

            It is named after the famed Margaret Mahy a New Zealand children's book author who had won the decorated Carnegie Medal twice.

            The playground is awesome. It offers big slides, climbing challenges, flying foxes, swings, and much more. You can even find free electrical BBQs on-site and a covered picnic area.

            If you can't be bothered cooking some good old kiwi grub on the BBQ there are some permanent food vendors in trailers on site.

            Margaret Mahy Family Playground

            Margaret Mahy Family Playground Christchurch

            How to get there

            This unique and awesome children's playground can be found in the central city of Christchurch.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


            31. Hokitika Glow Worm Dell

            Hokitika Glow Worm Dell New Zealand

            Within 2 minutes walk from the roadside, you will be greeted with heaps of luminescent glow worms.

            The coolest part is seeing these little guys is FREE!

            You will find information boards at the entrance to give you some more insight into these fun bright little creatures.

            How to get there

            The glow-worm dell is found on the outskirts of Hokitika, on the lefthand side of the road as you enter the town from Greymouth.

            Note: the path to the dell is unlit, but has handrails to assist and guide you through.

            The best times to visit are dusk when it is still dark enough to see the worms but also navigate around easier.

            A torch is recommended if you have one available.

            You can't miss the dell as soon as you approach it, you will see little blobs of light everywhere.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            32. Fudge Tasting @ The Remarkables Fudge Shop - Arrowtown

            The Remarkables Sweet Shop Arrowtown NZ

            Who doesn't like free fudge? The Remarkable Sweet Shop offers free fudge tasting in store.

            If you're like us, after trying some of this incredibly delicious fudge you'll feel obliged to buy some to ensure your taste buds are not only tantalizing teased but fully satisfied.

            They make some very interesting and incredible concoctions and are often found experimenting with unique flavors you wouldn't expect. 

            How to get there

            When you head into Arrowtown you can't miss this sweet little shop.

            As you head down the historic Buckingham Street you can find The Remarkable Sweet Shop on the left-hand side just after the New Orleans Hotel.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here

            33. Freedom Camping - Robinhood Bay

            Robinhood bay provides an awesome experience of New Zealand's beautiful blue coastline and native bush.

            Get an awesome down to earth experience camping beachside at this idyllic bay. There is also a good surf beach close by and if you're lucky you might see the Hectors dolphins playing in the bay.

            Campsite Details

            • There are 10 non-powered tent sites (first in first served)
            • Toilets 
            • Car access
            • Fees: FREE

            How to get there

            This idyllic little spot is 42 minutes drive from Blenheim on the northeast of the South Island.

            Directions: 8 km north of Blenheim, turn off SH 1 at Tuamarina into Hunter Rd, left into Pembers Rd/Rarangi Rd, and follow left into Rarangi Beach Rd. Take sharp left tin Port Underwood Rd and follow to Robin Hood Bay.

            Windy and gravel road from Whites Bay.

            📍 Google Maps Direction Link: Click here


            You don't always have to pay for experiences. There are many awesome things you can do throughout New Zealand for free. 

            Most of these activities are outdoor allowing you to enjoy New Zealand's beautiful scenery at the same time.

            We hope you enjoyed our list of top 33 things to do in New Zealand for free.

            If you know any other amazing free things to do in New Zealand we may have missed please leave a comment below as will update this post from time to time.

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