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21 Popular New Zealand Candy (MUST TRY)

21 New Zealand Candy You MUST Try

Our New Zealand Candy is so gooood, most of our local cuisine includes pies, pavs, meat, spuds, and veg… However, we have to admit New Zealand candy, chocolate, biscuits, and desserts make up the majority of our kiwiana cuisine!

Here is our list of the 21 most popular New Zealand Candy and Chocolate ( No particular order )

1. Space Man Candy

Space Man Candy Sticks New Zealand

These little candy sticks are a traditional kiwi icon enjoyed by many generations.

In the early days, these candy sticks were known as 'candy cigarettes' as they were all white with a red tip.

Below was the original box design.

Original Spaceman 'Sweet Cigarette' Candy Sticks

2. Pascall Milk Shakes

Pascall Milk Shakes Candy New Zealand

Another family share pack favourite. 

They are a creamy vanilla treat with 22% full cream milk.

3. Pascall Jet Planes

Pascall Jet Plane Candy New Zealand

Jet planes the gummy treats that everyone loves!

People often stretch them apart before eating them.

4. Pascall Fruit Bursts

Pascall Fruit Burst Candy New Zealand

Pascall Fruit Bursts have a controversial history with the vanishing flavour.

The peach flavour remained a subject of controversy after it vanished from these colorful fruit bags of candy after being there for some time.

Personally we couldn't believe it made an exodus while the boring banana-flavour stayed.

Some kiwis have taken the peach loss personally and even written to Pascals on multiple occasions to try and get their reinstalment.  

5. Pascall Pineapple Lumps

Pascall Pineapple Lumps Candy New Zealand

Pineapple lumps are one of the 'biggest kiwiana icons'

See the funny 'Sweet as god' Pineapple Lumps advert from New Zealand below.

They are chewy pineapple filled candy coated in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

We often put them in the freezer and make them into a hard cool candy treat for summer.


6. Pascall Wine Gums

Pascall Wine Gums Candy New Zealand

These were very popular in the nineties in the paper roll stick form.

In 2019 the Pascall family bag size got the chop and went from 240-260g down to 180g.

Cadbury said this shift was due to what consumers in the market place wanted to pay for the candy so adjusted the pack size to match.

7. RJs Jaffas (Previously Cadbury)

Buy Jaffas Chocolate New Zealand

These iconic orange chocolate candy balls were made by Cadbury.

Every year Cadbury would hold a 'Jaffa Race' down the 'World's Steepest Street' in Dunedin, Baldwin Street.

Watch the video below to see the last ever race held in 2014.

In October 2018 RJ's confectionery took over the manufacturing of Jaffas.


8. Pascall K-Bars

K-Bar Candy New Zealand

Insanely addictive fruit toffee that comes in 6 fruit flavours!

One of the most 'original kiwi candy' around.

They have been a kiwi icon since 1950.

A real jawbreaker if you have too many as they tough and chewy.

9. Cadbury Chocolate Fish

Buy Cadbury Chocolate Fish Online

Often used in the Kiwi culture as a common reward for a 'job well done'.

This is the original iconic kiwi chocolate marshmallow fish. 

Cadbury is New Zealand's classic 'kiwi as' choccy fish with cute little chocolate fish jandals on their packaging.

10. Cadbury Pinky Bar

Buy Cadbury Pinky Chocolate Bar New Zealand

New Zealanders love their marshmallow candy. 

In 1961 these super-soft strawberry marshmallow Pinky bars hit the New Zealand supermarket shelves. 

Interestingly, even though Cadbury's is a UK based confectionery company the 'Pinky' chocolate was only made for New Zealand. How sweet of them.

What's odd is the fact you cannot get the Pinky bar in any other western country.

So what's the catch on the Pinky? It’s pink marshmallow coated in light milk chocolate with a thin layer of caramel.

Don't get confused the pink marshmallow isn't cherry flavoured its more of a gooey cloud-like filler.

What makes them so popular? Its the combination of the thin milk chocolate, super soft marshmallow and sweet caramel that makes them legendary.

Our team can't get enough of the Pinky bars and whenever we have them in our monthly snacks box supplies they need to be tightly guarded. 

11. Whittaker's Toffee Milk Chocolate

Whittaker's Toffee Milk Chocolate Sticks (ORIGINAL)

Whittaker's Toffee Milk chocolate was first made in the 1930s.

You won't find these classic treats in the New Zealand supermarkets, they are instead, hidden away in the wee corner shop dairys.

12. Whittaker's Peanut Slab

Whittaker's Peanut Slab Chocolate Bar

Maurice Whittaker created the iconic and famous Peanut Slab in the 1950s and it has never changed.

Peanut slabs are a chunky peanut milk chocolate bar that is packed with crunchy nuts.

13. Whittaker's Dairy Milk Chocolate

In the 1990s Whittakers released their first 250g chocolate block range.

Now the most popular selling flavour thanks to Nigella Lawson's endorsement is the classic Creamy Milk chocolate.

14. Whittaker's L&P Mini Slabs

L&P Whittakers Mini Slab Chocolate

These are fun popping candy chocolates.

Delicious vanilla white chocolate infused with the flavours of L&P and little popping candy pieces.

L&P is the most famous soda in New Zealand. So Whittaker's infused this famous flavour with their chocolate making a little party in the mouth masterpiece.

The 'popping' candy is supposed to emulate the popping bubbles of soda.

15. $1 & $2 Mixes

$1 Lollie Mix New Zealand

Photo: $1 mixture Lollie bag New Zealand

Not a candy as such but a popular white mystery bag of candy.

As kids growing up we would always run down to the 'dairy' with some small change to buy our favourite lollies.

One of the most famous and favourite local treats was the white paper bag $1 & $2 lolly mixtures.

They're always like a little mystery bag of candy, never really knowing what you're going get.

16. Hokey Pokey Candy

Hokey Pokey Candy New Zealand

Hokey pokey was actually a patented candy from New Zealand from way back in 1935.

In New Zealand, Tip Top the #1 ice cream company has Hokey Pokey ice cream as the 2nd most popular after Vanilla.

See a video below of the original hokey pokey patents.


17. Pascall Minties

Pascall Minties Lollies New Zealand

The perfect road trip companion.

In the 90s they were marketed with the catchphrase 'Its moments like these you need minties'.


18. Black Knight Licorice

Black Knight Licorice New Zealand

Classic Licorice made with real licorice root extract.

Despite not being made in New Zealand anymore they are still a kiwi favourite.

19. Allens Kool Fruits

Allens Kool Fruits Candy New Zealand

Perfect for movie nights or road tripping.

These fruity balls of goodness are crispy on the outside and chewy soft on the inside.

20. Sour Feijoa Sweets

Mayceys Sour Feijoa Candy New Zealand

Feijoas are a popular fruit in New Zealand where you can almost find a bush in every second house.

We love Feijos so when these sweets were introduced into New Zealand in the 1930s they quickly became a hit.

21. Oddfellows Mint Candy

Another perfect road trip companion that lasts.

You would often find Oddfellows in your grandparent's car glove box.

They were the go-to for something to suck on during the trip where they didn't feel like they were pumping the grandkids full of sugar.

They are hard but have an 'odd' effect where they would melt in your mouth.

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We have a sweet tooth Downunder. This list is the most popular and iconic candy and chocolate you can get in New Zealand.

Kiwi's love their unique candy treats. It's one thing we miss when we leave home. We all know why... its because New Zealand Candy IS SO GOOOD!







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