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3 Pavlova Recipes That Are Delicious

3 Easy Pavlova Recipes That Taste Amazing!

You need to try these top 3 mouth-watering Pavlova recipes. 

Our team has scoured the internet and come back with these Top 3 pavlova recipes even including sweet and sour recipes for those who like a change.

1. Luscious Lemon Pavlova Recipe

Shift across sweetie it's sours turn!

This incredible creation is made by the awesomely talented Nigella Lawson.

It's a sour citrus take on the classic sweet Pavlova recipe. With lemon curd replacing the usual cream and lemon zest and almonds replacing the chocolate shavings and fruit.

This is a yummy tangy cake with a crunch. 

2. Strawberry Pavlova Cake Recipe

You Never Get Sick Of Strawberries!

If you love fresh fruit and strawberries this cake is incredible!

It is light, fluffy, and sweet with a generous amount of cream and strawberries.

From start to finish discover in under 5 minutes how to make this fresh, creamy, cloud-like strawberry Pavlova cake.


3. Mary Berry's Pavlova

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. A classic Pavlova Recipe.

With over 75 books, Mary Berry is an absolute cooking legend!

Check out Mary's classic simple Pavlova recipe that is easy to follow and turns out incredible.

Pavlova Getting, It's Final Dressing.




All theses recipes are yum!

The Pavlova cake is a huge part of New Zealand culture. For a long time, many New Zealanders claimed it originated from here. 

It has since been discovered we just adopted Pavlova and tweaked it to our kiwi taste buds.

These 3 recipes are a mix of different flavours and the most popular current recipes online.

If you want to learn more about the Pavlova cake and its origins, history, or any other facts relating to Pavlova, see our links below for more information.

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