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9 NEW New Zealand Food Added to Our Supermarket

This is an update on the latest products added to the KiwiGrub New Zealand supermarket online.

They include some limited edition ranges that are only out for a short period of time so make sure you get your fix before they're sold out!

LIMITED EDITION: Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey Chocolate

Buy Cadbury Caramilk Hokey Pokey Chocolate

This is a new take on the famous Caramilk chocolate block.

Just to get some idea of the Caramilk's popularity.

When they first came out in the limited edition range they sold out quickly and some people brought extras and auctioned them off online.

Some were even sold to the Aussies for over $50 AUD per block on Australian auction websites.

When Cadbury brought them back in 2017 they were sold out in 3 weeks!

Kiwis went crazy over this creamy caramel chocolate!

Now they have taken it a step further and added the famous New Zealand Hokey Pokey candy to the block.

We have tried it and love the added crunch and can't get enough of it!


Famous New Zealand Candy

Buy Famous New Zealand Candy Online

We added the collection Famous New Zealand Candy for candy products that are either one-offs or don't fall under any other category.

It includes famous New Zealand lollies like Sour Feijoas, TNT sour chews, and the old school Space Man Candy Sticks.

NEW Bluebird's Kiwi Flavourites Range Launched.

Buy NEW Bluebirds Kiwi Favourite Potato Chip Range

We have to admit this seems like a unique concoction of flavours.

There are 4 new flavors including Lamington, Pāua Fritters and Lemon, Sunday Roast, and Cheese & Onion Toasties.

The new range boasts some fun cool kiwi packaging we love!

We will have new products coming soon so keep an eye out for updates in the supermarket and here on the blog. 

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