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Funny L&P Stubbies TV Advert NZ | Iconic NZ Lemon & Paeroa Soda

🗿🍋🥤 L&P - Lemon & Paeroa Soda!

Check out this hilarious old-school NZ Ad for L&P. The kiwi slang is classic and everything about the ad encompasses the old kiwi culture. 

This was a call-back ad reminding Kiwis to remember the good old days and the popularity of the stubbie short shorts, and to remind us that L&P was around back then to come along for the ride with us

“You were there, and so was L&P, world famous in New Zealand since ages ago”.


What is L&P Soda and Whys its a Kiwi Icon?

Lemon & Paeroa, also known as L&P, is a sweet soda drink manufactured in New Zealand. It was first created in 1907, and was traditionally made by combining lemon juice with carbonated mineral water from the town of Paeroa, but is now owned by Coca-Cola.

Lemon & Paeroa is an iconic and very popular drink in New Zealand. It is also available in certain supermarkets in Australia and in the UK with the Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurants.

Their comical slogan "World famous in New Zealand" has become a popular New Zealand saying. It’s used to describe items that are famous within New Zealand but usually unknown to the rest of the world, and implies that if these products had a far higher media profile they would be famous worldwide!

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You Can Visit the Statue Here




Worlds Largest Lemon & Paeroa Soda Soft Drink Statue New Zealand

Iconic Statue of The World's Largest L&P Bottle (seen in pictures here) resides in Paeroa, New Zealand.




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