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International Snack Box from New Zealand - October 2019

This months international snack box from New Zealand is packed full of delicious New Zealand snacks. We have included a mix of New Zealand Candy and some delicious and nutritious New Zealand food. 

October's snack box contains the famous New Zealand chocolate, Jaffas and Whittaker's Peanut Slabs. These are two of the most iconic NZ chocolate treats available. Both serving a long standing history and are famously apart of the Kiwiana culture. More below.


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The Inconic NZ Chocolate, Jaffas Are Included This Month!

Jaffas - Are a famous New Zealand candy that has long standing history with all kiwis. Dark chocolate wrapped with a hard orange candy coating. They are well known for their New Zealand Candy Race event held every year down the steepest street in the world in Dunedin. However the last time the coveted race took place was in 2017. This is due to Cadbury closing down of it's famous factories in Dunedin and passing on the production and recipes to another New Zealand Candy producer, RJ's. If you want to learn about the history of the famous Kiwiana candy and whether the race is set to return click here 👉 Jaffas New Zealand Candy History.


2 Additions from the Natural New Zealand Apple Products Team

New Zealand Apple products are made 100% natural and direct from the farmer. They grow the apples themselves on their sunny orchards in Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand. There is no added sugar, sulphites, additives or preservatives. They are gluten and vegan friendly. Their range is not only delicious but also nutritious. 

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100% Natural Mango & Apple Puree Fruit Hitz

100% New Zealand Natural Apple Fruit Noodles

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New Zealand is home to some of the best snacks from around the world! We are known as a country you can trust with quality you can rely on! Our team pride's itself on curating one of the best International snack box subscriptions available.

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