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QUIZ: Bluebird Cheese Chips Range! What's your Favourite's?!

Rashuns Bluebird Cheese Chips KiwiGrub

Bluebird's range of Cheese Chips are amazing and an absolute kiwi favourite!

We have included Twisties in the August snack box, with the others flavours to come throughout the year.

We need you to let us know what your favorite flavor is in the comments below or head over to our Facebook Poll here 👉 Click Here to Vote

Your opinion matters! The highest commented flavour will be the next delicious cheese snack sent worldwide. 


Bluebird Rashuns Cheese Chips New Zealand  Twisties NZ KiwiGrub
🏆 #1 Rashuns 🥈 #2 Twisties
Flawlessly delicious melt in your mouth cheese chips with a Smokey Cheese & Bacon Flavour! Fun & Delicious! Suck on them and feel them break down on your tongue into a delicious cheesy goo!
Cheezels NZ KiwiGrub Burger Rings NZ KiwiGrub
🥉 #3 Cheezels 🍔 #4 Burger Rings
Another ripper that was hard to place! Snap them with the roof of your mouth and suck all the cheesy goodness out like a cheese vampire! For some these rings are a marriage of cheese and chips! For some reason some people (we don't understand) at times get an over powering flavour. However once you leave them, they will not leave your mind! You will come back craving more than you had before! Weirdly true!


We Need You To Help Choose The Next Flavour! Let Us Know Your Favourite In The Comments Below

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