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🚨📣 August's Theme: Products from Christchurch City, New Zealand! ⛪

Christchurch New Zealand Snack Box KiwiGrub

We are stoked to be live! And in our opening month we will showcase brands and snacks specifically from Christchurch City in the South Island of New Zealand. We have a mix of different products from various suppliers big and boutique! All guaranteed to be downunder delicious!



Cookie Time Cookies New Zealand
"We're a family owned Christchurch company, founded in February 1983 with the delivery of 70 jars of Cookie Time® Original™ Chocolate Chunk cookies to 70 Christchurch stores. People quickly fell in love with this giant taste of happiness – and New Zealand's favourite cookies are now loved all over the world. Baked with a passion, our cookies are made with real chocolate and real ingredients. We have an ever evolving range of delicious cookie flavours and sizes, from our famous large cookies through to a selection of smaller size treats, all presented in vibrant, fashionable and fun packaging." - Cookie Time  
Cookie Time Biscuits Online New Zealand

Griffins Biscuits New Zealand

"New Zealanders took their first bite of a Griffin’s bikkie in 1890. Right from the start our pioneering New Zealand founder John Griffin had a clear vision; a desire to delight others through his baking. Seeing smiles, joy and wonder in others was his driving motivation.

Constantly dreaming up new biscuits, new textures & exciting combinations. He put foil on biscuits, jam in between and chocolate on top. Who would have thought!

John Griffin and his team created a culture that strove to drive forward – one that built a factory in the depression and kept baking in the face of two company fires and two World Wars.

And at the heart of it all were biscuits made oven fresh the modern way. There was always something to suit everyone’s tastes and put a smile on their faces. The team at Griffin’s are proud to continue that great tradition today." - Griffins New Zealand

Griffins Biscuits Online New Zealand


Dr Bugs Popcorn New Zealand

"Dr Bugs Popcorn is made right here in Christchurch by the Posthuma family.

The business has been owned by Raymond and Monique Posthuma since 1999. Over this time, the demand for popcorn has only been growing. We now supply microwave popcorn, ready to eat popcorn and candyfloss to stores right over New Zealand. Our products are all made with utmost care from New Zealand grown, non-GE popping corn; providing the people of New Zealand with a healthy alternative snack food." - Dr Bugs

Natural Popcorn New Zealand Dr Bugs

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